Ray Hurley

Ray Hurley artist pic

One of the shining lights of the U.K Garage movement, Ray Hurley needs little or no introduction to the clubbers who flock, week in week out to watch, listen and learn from the man most say is the real people’s choice.

Following a summer jaunt to Lanzarote, where a friend had a seasonal residency. Ray, mesmerized by the way the DJ controlled the crowd, along with his love of dance music set about learning the noble art for himself. By Christmas of the same year, Ray was a regular “clubber” at The Gass club in London’s fashionable West End. It was here that he was given his first break, as a warm up DJ for happy days every Saturday night.

It wasn’t long before Ray was plying his trade at most of the ORIGINAL Sunday Scene venues such as The Wag, The Arches and the now famous Frog and Nightgown alongside such luminaries as Matt “Jam” Lamont, Karl “tuff enuff” Brown, Timmi Magic EZ and Norris Windross.

Joining partner Chris Bass to create Sweeter Groove in 2008, the label released 10 EP’s including ‘Ride The Storm’ signed to the Pure Garage compilation selling in excess of 300,000 copies and completed remixes for Lifford, Kathy Wood and Damien Truit for Booker T, Karl Tuff E Nuff Brown and Scott Garcia.

After a very successful period as the Dub monsters and 2 EP’s later, Ray went on to produce solo projects under his own name and remixed tracks for ‘Another Level’, ‘Montel Jordan’ and labels such as Public Demand, Satellite and Universal and Warner UK. Rays remix of the eagerly awaited track ‘Devil in Disguise’ was picked up by Universal, Germany and now signed to Manifesto in London.