Ramsey & Fen

RAMSEY & FEN artist pic

For the past eighteen years, Ramsey & Fen have been household names on the UK garage scene. The DJ’ing / production duo were amongst the original pioneers of the movement, having been instrumental figures within UK garage and pirate radio from the very beginning.

Their studio efforts have resulted in some of the scenes classics that helped shape the garage sound that we hear today.

Ramsey met Fen began fronting their own Saturday night show together on Freek FM. Their ‘Free zone’ slot established the duo’s name and reputation as they championed the early UK garage sound mixing American cuts with the new British-made tracks filtering though from labels like Nice N Ripe. Ramsey & Fen also began playing out together at the station’s own night ‘Freek in the Manor’, as well as the majority of the UK garage scene’s founding clubs like ‘La Cosa Nostra’, Zoo’s ‘Lords of the Underground’, Rhythm Promotions’ ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Sun City’, ‘Numb Nums’ (as residents) and ‘Twice as Nice’.

Ramsey & Fen left Freek FM to form their own pirate station, London Underground. The pair enlisted a raft of UK garage DJs that read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of founding fathers – including Danny Foster, Hermit, Jason Kaye, Richie Fingers, Daryl B, as well as a pre-Dreem Teem Mikee B, Timmi Magic and DJ Spoony who all met at the station.

It was through London Underground that Ramsey & Fen got their first remix work, when the Trinity / SOUR studio and label asked Ramsey & Fen to provide garage mixes of Kim Mazelle’s ‘Big Baby’ and ‘Quality’, which became underground anthems. Working on these mixes with Ramsey & Fen was SOUR’s in-house engineer and drum & bass head, Matt Coleman, a.k.a. M J Cole. Ramsey & Fen introduced M J to the world of UK garage and together they created a fresh new sound, taking elements from soulful US garage and fusing it with a more British, high energy vibe and harder edge.

The following year, Ramsey & Fen left the London Underground to pursue production work and set up BUG Records (British Underground Grooves). They continued to work with M J Cole until he went on to pursue his solo career and together they released a series of highly successful, vocal-based tracks; from ‘Style’, through to the experimental ‘Off-Key Experience’ on VIP Records, ‘Desire’, and of course, ‘Love bug’ – a true Pure Old School classic which was an early example of 2 step. Throughout the following years Ramsey & Fen delivered several floor-filling remixes including The Heartists’ ‘Belo Horizonti’ (VC), Dem 2’s ‘Destiny’ (Locked On) and Love station’s ‘Teardrops’ (Fresh). They also mixed high profile garage compilations such as ‘Garage Nation’ and the 3rd volume of the ‘Locked On’ series.

Ramsey and Fen are currently working on new tracks so watch out for more releases and DJ sets from this great long standing duo.