Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd

Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd artist pic

Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd is respected and noted as one of the leading lights of the UK Garage scene. He is renowned for his storming upfront sets and flair for acknowledging what a crowd wants.

Utilising the skills he developed in the early Hip Hop era, Mike provides an element of cutting up and scratching to his sets that makes him stand out from the crowd.

Born and bred in London’s East End, Mike began his DJ career on the local sound systems playing electro and Hip Hop. In 1989 he won the London MTV straight mixing award. His first foray into radio took him to South London pirate Passion FM alongside the likes of Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee. This was followed by stints at LWR and Laser where he continued to develop his musical style by introducing US House and Hardcore into his set. When the hardcore scene split in the early nineties he chose not to play Jungle, but to concentrate on the US House and Garage scene.

Mike went onto join the London pirate radio station De Ja Vue in the mid-nineties and alongside MC Munchie they developed one of the most popular radio shows, that is still, talked about today. It was during this period that his popularity reached new heights. His upfront musical selection and unique mixing ability brought forth a steady stream of bookings for all the major clubs and promotions. This resulted in a DJ profile on Kiss TV as well as guest spots on the Judge & Jury show with Judge Jules and the Kiss 100 Full Frontal show. Not letting his talents just stop at mixing, Mike has written reviews for club magazines, also appearances as guest presenter on Rapture TV’s.

Joining the London dance ILR Millennium Dance in 1999, he was a key figure in taking the UK Garage scene to a wider audience, a fact confirmed by his UK Garage Acknowledgement’ award. In 2000 he compiled the ‘Underground Artist presents Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd’ CD for Pure Silk Recordings and his first track ‘Down’ a collaboration with Zed Bias, was released on Locked On Records.