Micky Finn

Micky Finn artist pic

Micky Finn started DJing in the late eighties and became well known with the advent of the Acid House movement in South London. He was given the name Micky Finn because of his skinny build by mates and friends in the scene. In the early nineties break beat and loose jungle techno was filling his record boxes as he travelled the length and breadth oh the UK.

Such was the demand for his skills at this time by huge events all around the country he was even strarting to catch private planes between gigs. Micky Finn’s production talents started off with Biting Back – She’s Breaking – Urban Shakedown – Some Justice.

Micky Finn is a proud entertainer. No chin scratching, no anoraks, no mean n’ moody vibes; just proper, wholesome fun. Revisit any of his mixes or releases from the last 25 years – especially the hugely influential bass line-heavy Urban Shakedown material with Aphrodite – and you’ll hear his sense of musical mischief instantly. That intoxicating party spirit that brought us to drum & bass in the first place; Micky Finn’s never lost focus of the free-for-all creativity, the audacious low-end cheekiness, the unashamed vibes.