MC Skibadee

Mc Skibbadee artist pic

MC Skibadee is known throughout the world as one of the best live Drum and Bass MC, MC Skibadee has performed all over the UK, Europe, USA, South America, Australia and Asia – he is truly an international artist.

Skibadee and Shaba D Live on Radio 1 Extra

His career really took off in 1996-97 when he started to get a lot of recognition for his work on Kool FM and Raves. He Started getting a lot of bookings and started getting a lot of exposure, As rave culture took off things started to move from there.

You will hear Skiba back to back with so many different DJ’s and his Formation of SAS “Skibadee and Shabba” is a worldwide recorgnised act.

He has been a part of Pure Old Skool events being the front man MC for the showcases you see and hear.