Mc Sharkey P

Mc Sharkey P artist pic

“Started Mc’ing at 16 years old on City Sound Radio with MC’s such as Stevie Hyper D (RIP), Kendo (RIP), Skibadee, Silver B and many more great Old Skool MC’s..

Then hit the pirate scene with stations such as RELOAD FM with Ricky D, Meltdown, Flapjack, Kappa and the gang. Then Reload became FLEX FM, Ricky branched off and started ICE FM… I jumped on board and starting MC’ing to Garage!! I had a weekly show on MAC FM, various shows on ICE, FREEZE and IMAGE.

Around 1999 i met Unknown MC through TEE BONE, and we hosted a show on radio (ICE) and he liked the way i rolled with my lyric books!! He kept me in mind when he and PIED PIPER produced a track and asked me if i wanted to jump on it… the rest is history!! I became a minor celeb!! The track DO YOU REALLY LIKE IT’ went to number 1 in the UK charts 2001.”