MC Shabba D

Mc Shabba D artist pic

To look at him you’d never think MC Shabba D was old enough to have played an influential part in rave’s earliest chapters over 20 years ago. Neither would you think he’s a keen park fisherman or, for that matter, that he spent a year being a pop sensation in Japan.
Such is the crazy world of the undisputed Lyrical Dapper…

Hackney born Shabba was raised to the soundtrack of the pirates. To him, having a shout out was like appearing on MTV. Hungry for the action, he started manning the Weekend Rush phones at the age of 12 and soon found himself on the air, planting the seeds for his now inimitable hype-charged skippy flow.

By 1991 he was representing at Outrage alongside the very biggest in the game. He was barely a day over 14.

By the mid-90s, Shabba D had achieved notoriety on both the airwaves and the main stage. A prize fixture on the Kool FM roster and a repeat feature on line-ups across Europe, his ability to both host consummately and let rip with serious spitfire attracted the attention of a major label who whisked him off on a whirlwind world tour with a band Zilch. Number one in Japan, Zilch featured various members of legendary punk banks and took Shabba all across the Far East… Giving him an opportunity to celebrate a birthday with Ice-T, dine with Rod Stewart and, most importantly, take the UK-born art of MC delivery to a truly global audience.

On his return in 2001 Shabba was determined to take his work to the next level. Not only did he form SAS with Skibadee, creating one of the biggest ever MC groups of its time, but he also set up various enterprises, proving himself to be as sharp on the business side of the dance floor as he is on the mic both as a promoter and record label owner.

Over 20 years deep and Shabba is widely regarded as one of THE most influential MCs on the international D&B circuit. A hype hero with a dexterous flow that spans from reggae roasting to D&B double time, Shabba has the skills to host the biggest and the most intimate parties. Whether you deal with him as a promoter, record label owner or performer, the Lyrical Dapper does the business… And he does it with style.