Kenny Ken

Kenny Ken artist pic

The Living legend Kenny Ken started DJing way back in 1989, while being a ticket collector and rail man on the London Underground.

At the Birth of the warehouse parties like Genesis, Sunrise, Biology, Energy and so on where DJs like Fabio & Groovrider, Tony Wilson, Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox to name but a few used to play gave him the inspiration to also try being a DJ and follow footsteps.

After buying a set of Technics and continuously practicing and learning the art form he started playing Acid House and Garage.

Like many he joined pirate radio and at first was regular on Centre-force after a year he then moved to Dance FM along with DJ’s like Mr C and Rob Atkinson.

The turning point for Kenny Ken was at a Genesis rave where DJ Lenny Dee hadn’t turned up and the decks were in need of cover. He pleaded with the promoter Wayne to let him go on and was lucky that he lived close by to quickly get his crate of records to play at the best party at the time in front of a massive crowd of hard core ravers. This was the point he decided he was going to do this full time.

Having a great relationship with the record shops like Blackmarket he was always in touch with the most cutting edge music and record shops were the best place to make connections and gain work.

By 1992 Kenny became resident for the famous Roast Parties where Jungle really started to take hold and put Jungle firmly on the map. By Early 1993 he was playing all over the place, @World Dance, Telepathy, Cryptonight, Rave@the Cave, Helter Skelter, Pirate club and then came along A.W.O.L – A Way of Life London.

In 1994 Kenny won the Jungle Sound clash which he is still raining champion T-Bone Garage Producer and DJ caught up with Kenny in a recent interview about this final Jungle Sound clash which was held at Roller Express on 16th July 1994. After two semi finals on May 14th and June 18th the competition reached the final round with Mickey Finn, Devious Dee, DJ Rap and Kenny Ken. The referees and master of ceremonies on the night were the A team, Moose and Five-O. It was down to the Jungle Massive to decide who would become the champion and holder of the Jungle Sound clash belt.

Today Kenny is still going strong as a true Pioneer DJ champion of the Scene and is still smashing sets around the world. Here is an old skool Jungle mix from 1999.