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Doc Scott is a true veteran and leading tastemaker in D&B, Doc Scott has been an essential and pivotal figure in the scene since before its inception and continues to push things forward. Founding member of ‘A Bunch of Cuts’, his DJ sets in the mid-90s became legendary, notably at the Metalheadz Blue Note sessions and ‘Speed’. Although primarily a DJ, his productions are definitive classics within the scene, such as ‘Here Comes The Drumz’ on Reinforced, the first ever Metalheadz release ‘VIP Drumz’, to the more mellow sounds of ‘Tokyo Dawn’ on Good Looking Records. His own label 31 Records, sparked by Scott’s ground-breaking ‘Shadow Boxing’, has also been a hub for new talent, pushing some of the biggest artists today in their early days. Having recently re-launched the label, Om Unit’s remix of ‘Shadow Boxing’ is the first release of 2014, with many others to follow. The New Year also marks a fresh start for Doc Scott, as he makes his long awaited return to the studio.

DOC SCOTT – 10 Points

From the birth of drum n bass to where it is today, from it’s transitions from rave to hardcore, jungle-techno to tech-step to DNB, from the UK based, to a global scene and industry – Doc Scott has seen it all and been there for the entire journey.

Doc’s very first purchased record was Street Sounds Electro 2.


He started DJ’ing aged 14 and used to make Electro/hip hop Mix Tapes for his friends, people used to call him the Doctor! This is where the Name came from.

Armed with an Akai S950 Sampler Doc Scotts First EP ‘THE NHS EP’ containing a track called ‘SURGERY’. A driving 4×4 track with break beats that sampled Joey Beltrams Mentasm and drilled it into the ground. The response was overwhelming, it was an instant rave anthem, smashing into the dance charts at no.3 and breaking into the national top 40 12″ sales.

In 1992 Doc Scott Went on to remix the NHS EP with NHS DISCO REMIX’ and another anthem was born, its simple rolling style, heavy bassline and unforgetable piano loop was on every djs playlist for over a year.

After becoming a Headliner from up north and coming to London, he was introduced to Goldie through Grooverider and he was introduced to Gus, mark and Dego from reinforced records! He showed them a brand new track called Here come the drums. This sounded like some thing from 10 years in the future. Here come the drumz was a Seminal moment in the birth of Drum and Bass
HERE COME THE DRUMZ was recently named as 1 of the 10 most important dnb tunes ever!

As nasty as I wanna be” was doc Scotts first EP followed by ‘As nasty as I wanna be (remixes) and deranged (with Keith Suckling)

They also created the ‘the last action hero EP’.

Goldie and Doc Scott Collaborated and started Metalheadz, Jungle was dominating the Landscape and Scott and Goldie felt this was not the direction they wanted to go so they released the First Metalheadz EP with VIP DRUMZ and VIP Riders Ghost.

In 1992 new club nights appeared, ‘the metalheadz sunday sessions ‘ and ‘speed’ with fabio & ltj bukem, scott played at club speed, but really found his home at ‘the sunday sessions’ at the legendary ‘blue note’ in hoxton, london.
He wrote 2 tracks drumz 95 for the Blue Note Club.

And Far Away for Club Speed.

After Becoming an international DJ who was the face of many publications, Scott did not forget about the studio, and in 1996/1997 went into the studio to write a track that would literally stun the drum n bass world.
‘SHADOW BOXING’ under his alias ‘NASTY HABITS’ was quite simply mind blowing. It would also jump start his own label – ’31 RECORDS

In 1995 his Djing career really took off and he was the face of many publications he released a Mix Mag called MIXMAG LIVE 22 – ‘BREAKBEAT EXPERIMENTS’ was a master class in the cutting edge sound of drum & bass.