Dj Rap

Dj Rap artist pic

Charissa Saverio, a.k.a. DJ RAP, is the undisputed queen of the turntables and voted the number one female DJ in the world. As well as that, DJ Rap has infiltrated the music industry with her arsenal of talent and has set up her own labels “Propa” and “Impropa” Talent, developed her creative direction as a full-fledged producer, and remains to be the recording artist and DJ that everyone has come to love.

A classically trained pianist and song writer, Rap has dominated genres like house and drum & bass but her love for music means she is constantly evolving.

Over the course of DJ Rap’s career she has collaborated and worked with many talented and influential professionals such as BT, Eric Morrillo, Hans Zimmer, Hybid, and DJ Tydi. She has also produced music for Playstation, Wii, and 7 major movies as well as music scores and custom designs of musical pieces to fit the specific needs of any project. Examples include work for Twix, Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise), Isolation, Run Lola Run, Enough (J-lo), Rogue Trader (Ewan McGregor) and four documentaries.

Recently DJ Rap has also collaborated with “Girl on Top” and has created her own range ”Propa Collection” – an exciting partnership that came about after she modelled for the brand. Multi-talented, accomplished, ambitious, and driven by her passion to create and her love for music, DJ Rap is not a name from music’s past, it is the name of music now and an inspiration to music’s future.

Being involved in a near 100% male dominated scene, DJ Rap’s quest to gain respect and recognition has probably taken twice as much hard work and determination as some of her male counterparts. But there is now no questioning DJ Raps musical abilities as she continues to produce high quality and intelligent Jungle Music through her “Proper Talent” record label and keeps a hectic diary of DJ Bookings for events and clubs worldwide, as well as the UK.

After a decade of delivering hardcore, then drum n’ bass, to rapturous rave crowds across the globe, DJ Rap has finally spread her wings, triumphantly presenting to the world the full extent of her creativity. Her debut artist album, ‘Learning Curve’, effortlessly swings from the more traditional jump up style that she plays out at all the major events, including World Dance, United Dance, Helter Skelter and Dreamscape, to trip hop ambience, and the rough big beats of her first single from the album, ‘Bad Girl. Stories From Around The World’ delves into a whole range of sounds and feelings, ranging from ethnic spirituality, to urban chic. Meanwhile, ‘Spiritual Aura’ immerses her earlier jungle sound in orchestral melody and drama, taking the specialist jump up dance culture out to the wider public.

The First set she ever played was at London Astoria, where DJ Fabio was booked but did not attend for what ever reason. Rap asked the Promoter to give it to her, he offered her £30 and she went on to deliver a set that was brilliant and that got her booked again and again this is what sparked her off to becoming a well know artist.

After coming second in the sound clash with Kenny Ken, she continued to break boundaries with productions as a female drum and bass DJ/ Producer which has earned her stripes and respect in the drum and bass world.