Dj Brockie & Mc Det

Back in the day, before he was involved in the jungle scene, Brockie was playing swing, soul, hip-hop and ragga, amongst other styles. He then swiftly found hardcore and that led him on the start of his journey to where he hit the explosion of the jungle scene.Brockie has been a known name and a DJ in the scene since 1988, representing in the jungle since day one.

In 1991 he teamed up with friends to establish the infamous Kool FM 94.5 – the best and longest standing drum & bass radio station in the world to date! He formed a DJ MC partnership with MC DET who still to this day are going strong as a well known jungle duo.

In 1988 Brockie Kicked off his record label Undiluted with his smasher “Represent”The original vocal sample “I got to get on on on and represent” came from a KRS 1 mixtape which Brockie picked up in Canada. It was at the end of the second side where he was being interviewed.

After the successful release of Represent Brockie when on to release a seriese of tracks that has a distinctive Brockie Sound with the Help of Ed Solo as his engineer the pair wet on to release some serious drum and bass tunes.

Brockie since then has release many tracks right up to this day and is still championing the Brockie SoundDJ Brockie is an original Drum & Bass Soldier and Pure Old Skool Legend!