Brandon Block

Brandon Block artist pic

Brandon Block is UK’s very own Legend who is an absolute all round “geezer”.

His Career started off back in 1985 at his local boozer The John Lyon in Harrow West London. It was one of those great pubs where every one went, he used to play the in type of music at the time which was funk and soul just before the acid house explosion.

When Acid house took off in 1988 and he started DJ’ing professionally, he was first introduced to the sound at Zig and Zag in Ealing Boulevard, he then started his very own Sunday night at the Haven Stables which was a huge success until it finished in 1991.

In this time of the rave era, Brandon Met Charlie Chester who started DC10 at Ciro Loco in Ibiza was also the founder for the legendary record store Flying Records in Dean Street. They both set up a night in Colnbrook near Heathrow Airport, where excusing the pun but his career really took off.

Working for Flying Records Brandon decided to get out to Ibiza with just 4 bags of records, small bag of clothes flip flops and a monkey in his back pocket (£500) he went there with every intention of staying for as long as he could.

In 1991 Alex P (his DJ Partner) Borrowed a Bus from outside Pacha in Ibiza when he had trouble finding his moped. Alex drove it to San Antonio in search for Blocko. He turned up at Blocks apartment and was a little worse for wear. The boys caught up by having a beer and fresh orange fight in the apartment the Guardia was called and they arrested Alex as they were looking for the bus!!! Later that evening Brandon met up (with a black and blue) Alex when he was released and at this point PeeZee popped the Question will you help me with Space it’s all getting too Mad for me and the only man for the Job?? Block replied ” Not Arrrf son”.

Alex P then went on to start the famous Space terrace in 1991 with James Mitchel (founder of Sunrise & Crazy Club) Space was only a couple of years old and Alex was resident in Amnesia the year before…. Alex fell in love Space and went to meet Pepe the owner who offered Alex a residency at the Club. Sitting outside the club talking with his pal James who decided he wanted to spend summer in Ibiza too. Alex suggested the idea of starting up something else in the club and having an open air part. They later Agreed on a Full Moon Terrace Being the name. Alex approached Pepe with the idea and that’s how the Space Terrace was born and believe it or not it wasn’t busy to start with and Alex and Brandon had to graft it hard and call in favors from the likes of Sven Vath Carl Cox Sasha and Marc Spoon and Dag to name a few.

Alex P and Brandon Block had a Radio Show on Kiss 100 in 1996 A Friday Night Drive time show from 5-7 called “Catch us if you can” this was not your normal Radio show and was far from it!!! It was more like Anarchy on the Air, lets just say their producer was a nervous rec on every show and it also had highest ratings in London area and was nominated for a Sony award.

Through the Years Brandon Block has earned his stripes and being a Pure Old Skool Legend. He is very passionate still to this day about his music, about the art of DJ’ing and still loves his Job and his connection with the crowd is so special because he is one of our very own home grown DJ’s we will always know and love. He has had his true ups and downs in the industry with health and battled addictions through tough times but he continues to smash his DJ’s sets and also is a Label Boss running Blox box Records and when he is not a superstar DJ, he is helping the community and giving his time to helping young people battle drug addictions. “He is one of us!!! Proper Pure Old Skool Geezer!”.

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