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Pure Old Skool

Sat 5th March 2016

@ Fire 39 Parry St, London SW8

10pm till 6.30am

What can we say but THANK YOU for coming to our last event THANK YOU for bringing such a good vibe, We had such a wicked night love our Pure old skool family..

Im so excited about our next event at Fire i could shit a rainbow, This time round we switch up the rooms as a special treat and bring forth what must be pure oldskool biggest jungle & hardcore line EVER !!! If this line up don’t bring back that same vibe we had between 1991 to 1994 in London then NOTHING WILL!!!

Our events are exciting enough as it is with our pure oldskool crowd and way we put on our parties, But this line up has just taking things to another level !!!

Early bird tickets on sale now!!

Fire Arch: Old Skool garage

Matt Jam Lamont


Ramsey & Fen

Jason Kaye

Ramsey & Fen

Martin Liberty Larner


Mc’s: B Live / CKP / Kie / Wicked / Vision


Mirror Arch: Old Skool Jungle & Hardcore

Fabio & GrooveRider

Brokee & Det

Nicky Blackmarket


Kenny Ken

Doc Scott

EZM & Rory D

Mc’s Skibadee / Mc Moose / Mc Det / Mc Fearless


Room 3: Classic House

Brandon Block

Huck Finn

Philgood & Ram

Mark Ruston

1st Release: £10 SOLD OUT

2nd Release: £15 SOLD OUT

3rd Release: £20

4th Release: £25

More on the door

Students £10 before 11:30PM with student cards.

Or Call The ticket sellers 24 hour hotline:0844 870 0000

ticketarena the tickets seller RA