Dj Rap artist pic
Dj Rap

Charissa Saverio, a.k.a. DJ RAP, is the undisputed queen of

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Micky Finn artist pic
Micky Finn

Micky Finn started DJing in the late eighties and became

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Fabio & Grooverider artist pic
Fabio & Grooverider

Fabio and Grooverider, the Godfathers of Drum & Bass and

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Kenny Ken artist pic
Kenny Ken

The Living legend Kenny Ken started DJing way back in

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Dj Brockie & Mc Det

Back in the day, before he was involved in the

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Mc Skibbadee artist pic
MC Skibadee

MC Skibadee is known throughout the world as one of

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Mc Shabba D artist pic
MC Shabba D

To look at him you’d never think MC Shabba D

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Majestic artist pic

DJ, producer, MC… Kiss FM’s Majestic does it all. “I

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Dj Luck & Mc Neat artist pic
Dj Luck & Mc Neat

DJ Luck & MC Neat are a British musical duo,

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Nicky Blackmarket artist pic
Nicky Blackmarket

Nicky Blackmarket is on of the Pioneers of the Early

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Billy Daniel Bunter artist pic
Billy Daniel Bunter

For the Part 25 Years the name Billy Daniel Bunter

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Slipmat artist pic

When one refers to an artist as ‘an absolute legend’,

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Mc Det artist pic
Mc Det

MC DET has been involved in the Jungle scene since

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Doc Scott artist pic
Doc Scott

Doc Scott is a true veteran and leading tastemaker in

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Jason Kaye arist pic
Jason Kaye

Jason Kaye has been regular artist at Pure Old Skool

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Martin Liberty Larner artist pic
Martin Liberty Larner

Martin Liberty Larner is a true veteran of the UK

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Mc Fearless artist pic
Mc Fearless

MC Fearless, is a name synonymous to every jungle and

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RAMSEY & FEN artist pic
Ramsey & Fen

For the past eighteen years, Ramsey & Fen have been

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MC Kie artist pic
MC Kie

Over the years Kie, along with his partner in rhyme

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Mc C.K.P artist pic
Mc C.K.P

The Legendary Mc Ckp has won many prestigious awards for

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Scott Garcia artist pic
Scott Garcia

Scott Garcia is without a doubt one of the true

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MC B-Live artist pic
Mc B-Live

Apart from Mc B-Live beeing an award winning best UK

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Mc Sharkey P artist pic
Mc Sharkey P

"Started Mc'ing at 16 years old on City Sound Radio

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Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd artist pic
Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd

Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd is respected and noted as one

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Brandon Block artist pic
Brandon Block

Brandon Block is UK’s very own Legend who is an

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MC Moose artist pic
MC Moose

MC Moose started his music career in the Blues parties

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Mighty Moe artist pic
Mighty Moe

Mighty Moe started out as a hip-hop DJ. His parents

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Ray Hurley artist pic
Ray Hurley

One of the shining lights of the U.K Garage movement,

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Pied Piper artist pic
Pied Piper

Hailing from Brixton, London –Legendary DJ Pied Piper has been

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Matt Jam Lamont artist pic
Matt Jam Lamont

Matt Jam Lamont is Pure Olds Skool’s regular artists who

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